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Purchase Order Financing

Turn Your Purchase Orders Into the Capital You Need

When your small business receives a large order for merchandise, it signals growth, increased income and accelerated success. Many businesses may find themselves in need of temporary financial assistance in order to seize the moment. At PBL Consulting, we believe that your business should never have to pass on a great opportunity due to limited cash flow. We offer purchase order financing to meet your needs.

Who Benefits From Purchase Order Financing

If you are in the business of selling completed products in response to customer orders, this type of financing can provide you with the capital you need to grow your business. Financing through existing purchase orders is typically used by these kinds of businesses:

  • Importers and exporters of completed products

  • Resellers of merchandise

  • Distributors of branded goods

  • Wholesale marketers

  • Craft Producers

  • Companies with seasonal surges

How Financing With Us Can Help

You’re already succeeding, now you need the capital to take the next step. Purchase order financing can ensure that you can confidently accept those larger orders that are coming your way. It allows you to build customer loyalty and gain a reputation for reliability by filling your orders in full and on time. There is no need to take on additional debt, we invest in your current success.

Speak To Us Today

Get in touch with the financial experts at PBL Consulting today and let us show you how you can finance your growth through purchase order financing.

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