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Keep Your Business on Track with Accounts Receivable Financing

Rapid growth presents opportunities, but does your company have the resources to keep up? Small businesses like yours need powerful financial tools to help achieve success. PBL Consulting’s accounts receivable financing can provide fast funding when demand shifts and new customers start doing business with your firm. We offer quick turnaround times and a simple, convenient funding process to meet your financial needs.

How To Finance Receivables

Financing receivables is also known as “invoice factoring.” That’s because you sell unpaid customer invoices at a discount to a factoring company, which then pays you for those invoices. Instead of waiting 30 to 90 days for payment, you get your cash now. The factoring company then collects payment from those customers. All you do is apply for financing, and you enjoy several benefits upon approval:

  • Cash within 24 hours

  • No upfront payments required

  • No personal guarantees or recourse needed

  • No-cost credit insurance for qualifying accounts

Once you receive those funds, you can allocate them as you see fit: payroll, inventory, supplies, operations expenses or any other essential needs.

Get in Touch With Us Today

Accounts receivable financing provides you with immediate cash without long-term debt or equity sacrifices. Getting started is easy, just schedule a funding inquiry consultation now to speak to a financial specialist.

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