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Merchant Cash Advance

Many business owners rely on regular loans when they need extra cash, but it may not always be possible or easy to get a regular loan. If your business ever comes across hard times due to a downturn economy, you may find that traditional loans are too hard to qualify for and you need an alternative. Here at PBL Consulting, we love helping business owners like you understand all their available financing options. When you can’t qualify for a regular loan, we encourage you to apply for a merchant cash advance.


How a Merchant Cash Advance Works

A cash advance isn’t a regular loan. Instead, it’s a sum of money that’s taken from your merchant account. To pay it back, you don’t need to send us regular monthly payments. Instead, we’ll just take a predetermined percentage of each of your credit card sales and put it toward repayment of your loan. It’s a very easy way to pay back your debts without worrying about forgetting to make monthly payments.

Additional benefits of our merchant cash advance program include:

  • No closing costs or loss of equity

  • Minimal paperwork

  • No application fee

  • No collateral necessary

In addition to the easy payback terms, our cash advances also offer very quick approvals and arrival of funds. Contact us today to apply for this program or to request further details. 

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