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Equipment Financing

Small Business Equipment Financing Solutions
Every small business requires capital to succeed. And capital provides for many essential needs, including equipment. At PBL Consulting, we understand that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all financing. That’s why we offer several equipment financing options to meet our clients’ needs.

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Equipment Leasing and Loan Programs

With our leases and loans, you can obtain many kinds of equipment – laptops, cranes, stoves, bulldozers and much more. We offer financing to businesses in virtually any industry, with many applications approved within 24 hours. Applications for middle-market financing and large-ticket items get responses within three to five days. If your company has been operating for two years or longer, you can enjoy several great benefits with equipment loans and leases:

  • Financing of up to $150,000

  • Middle-market financing up to $500,000

  • Various kinds of payment structures

  • Little to no down payment

  • Loan terms as long as 48 months

Larger amounts may be available on large-ticket items. Talk to our specialists for details.

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Government, Startup and Other Loans
For organizations with special needs, we have more financing options available. Businesses under two years old can qualify for our startup programs. Companies with challenging credit histories can get equipment financed through our B, C and D credit programs. For government entities, we have guaranteed approval leasing. Schools, libraries, government agencies, emergency response units and military groups may be eligible for this financing.

Sale-Leaseback Programs
Our sale-leaseback financing allows you to pay for equipment purchases overtime. We buy the item you need, then lease it back to you for a specified time period. Once you’ve made all the payments, you can assume ownership of your equipment.

We Can Help Your Business Succeed
PBL Consulting offers a large menu of commercial finance products. From equipment financing to merchant cash advances, we have many kinds of financial tools to meet small firms’ needs. Get in touch with our specialists today to find out how we can help your business thrive and grow.

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